Dreamscape won the Game Jam! Our plans moving forward.

We actually won the GameJam! This is super surprising for me, and as our first published game - let alone, our first unity project - makes this whole moment truly astounding. We worked really hard to make this game, and we’re glad that you all really enjoyed it! We wanna thank everyone who helped us create the game, gave emotional support, and of course, the people who rated the game. 

We want to address the bugfixes we will make to the game based on all the lovely feedback we’ve been getting from players and playtesters alike. In version 1.1.0, we plan on doing tons of adjustments to make platforming more snappy and less slippery. We are also making the game more playable at lower frame rates. Below are the changes we plan to make -

Dreamscape Patch 1.1.0 - Planned Fixes and Adjustments

  • Jumping now has variable height based on how long you hold the Jump button.
  • W Key and Up Arrow will now also act as a Jump Button. 
  • New feature that will allow you to reset the position of the last touched push-able.
  • The character will come to a full stop after letting go of a movement button to make precise jumps feel less slippery. Only applies to the ground.
  • Jumping will no longer have a delay when pressing the jump button at lower frame rates.
  • The laser’s collisions on triangles will not worsen at lower frame rates.
  • The game will be optimized to run at a higher frame rate (Target: 60FPS for average spec computers)
  • The laser will now automatically explode if it is constantly being reflected back and forth in the same direction after 5 bounces.
  • Making the platforming section at the end of World 2 more forgiving.
  • Removing a small set of spikes near the end of World 3.
  • Spike placement adjustments in World 3.
  • Fix that weird World 3 jump animation bug.
  • Controller mapped buttons for shooting and accepting dialogue.

In addition to version 1.1.0 for the base game, we have something a little more planned for the future of Dreamscape...

Announcing...Dreamscape Plus!

Dreamscape Plus is an expansion to Dreamscape that will be released as a separate game. It will add tons of new content, more improvements and enhancements to level design, new puzzles, and much more. It’ll also be totally free! Since Dreamscape was made in 8 days, there’s a lot of ideas and content that got cut from the game. Dreamscape Plus is planning to add the content that got scrapped and basically be the full Dreamscape experience! It’ll still be short and simple, but will have lots more to do. Here’s a highlight of some of the features we are adding:

  • Two new playable girls! Each new character will have unique attributes and their own variation of World 1 and World 4!
  • More puzzles instead of platforming in certain areas!
  • Non static, parallax backgrounds!
  • A new, proper boss fight for World 4. The content that is already in World 4 is not being modified, just added on to.
  • More NPCs and NPC types, with more story within them.
  • New laser technology that will center the laser on the surface you are reflecting off of for smoother triangle chains.
  • Level design adjustments to make the platforming sections feel better (including new jump-through platforms that will replace most 4x4 platforming blocks)
  • Beating the game with all 3 characters will unlock 3 Challenge Worlds meant to be played by each individual character. Beat them to be the Dreamscape master!
  • Behind the scenes adjustments to the game that’ll make it feel more polished.

Most importantly, we are making the game more accessible and planning to release the game on more platforms. Dreamscape Plus will not only be on Itch.io, but GameJolt, iOS, Android, and eventually even Steam! The Steam version will feature achievements. Once again, this is all free! 

Now, why are we making Dreamscape Plus a separate game instead of an update? Well, we want the Game Jam version of the game to still be in tact, as it’s an important milestone for us. So, instead of updating it, we are keeping it here for preservation purposes.

We hope you’re excited for all the changes we plan to make to Dreamscape, and stay tuned!

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